Prodigal Son

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Sep 23, 2019 - May 18, 2021




Drama / Crime




Malcolm - Tom PayneMartin - Michael SheenJessica - Bellamy YoungGil - Lou Diamond PhillipsDani - Aurora PerrineauJT - Frank HartsAinsley - Halston SageEdrisa - Keiko Agena

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A crime drama following a criminal psychologist who assists the police in stopping killers.

Malcolm Bright is a criminal psychologist with a special gift. He knows how the minds of killers work. This is because in the 1990s, his dad was a notorious serial killer known as "The Surgeon."

He uses his ability to help the NYPD solve crimes and stop killers, all while dealing with his manipulative mother and homicidal father who is still looking to bond with his prodigal son.

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05/13/21 at 09:23am

I enjoyed this show at first, even though it seems any breathing person can create a 'profile' single, male, mid 30s,abusive childhood, etc,etc. When I started losing interest was putting the sister and mom into everything.
05/13/21 at 07:51am

Hi still like the show, not enough shows like it. I they change their minds and renew
03/10/21 at 12:25pm

Season two is pretty bad - almost embarrasing to watch. Overacting by the mom, with Malcolm and Ainsley crossing into the realm as well. Does it really need to weave the racism issue into the show? Trying to be politically correct, yet making the Asian character a brainiac and an idiot at the same time, with her thinking Malcolm had the hots for her so there's a horrible cringe-worthy scene of her getting 'sexy' for him with the zippering up of the boots, etc. OMG. This show is turning into trash.
01/29/21 at 03:15pm

I loved season 1. However season 2 is garbage.
I watched the first episode of season 2 and one of the first lines was "systemic racism", and the black cop being targeted by white cops for his color.
Halfway through episode 2, more racism rubbish. I turned it off and wont be watching it again.
I don't like virtue signaling and i'm sick of the Hollywood lefty luvies forcing this garbage on us.
It's Just A Flesh Wound
07/06/20 at 01:19pm

Predictable, unimaginative drivel that people only enjoy because as far as regular TV goes, there's not much else on. Anyone who can actually state that they didn't see Ainsley doing what she did clearly didn't pay attention to the entire season. Just about every fan site predicted it. As far as the characters, yes, Tom Payne is bad. If you tell fans this though, they will retaliate with a quick, "but he's hot" as to why he's good in the role. It's embarrassingly superficial. Bellamy Young is also terrible and does not look remotely old enough to play the mother. Not even if they were to say she got knocked up in high school. Sheen is a good actor so nothing surprising there. Same with Lou Diamond Phillips. Sage is decent but Agena is horribly misused in this role. They make her so deeply immature that it's hard to watch. Fawning over Malcolm in such an unprofessional way just to get some cheap laughs is almost offensive. As far as the rest, they are pretty forgettable. I'm not surprised it got renewed though. As I said, there isn't much on that's even close to interesting anymore. People will find this story matter how many times it's been done.
07/01/20 at 10:29am

I like this show but agree about Payne. He's terrible. It's mostly because of his odd facial expressions. It looks like he's trying to decide if he needs to use the bathroom. The lady who plays the mom is bad too. I like Phillips and the guy that plays the dad. They're the main reasons I watch. They really make the Asian lady look like a moron. Wish they'd do her character justice. As far as the finale, I was disappointed because the whole thing with Ainsley was so predictable. You could see it coming from a mile away. I might tune in for a second season if Payne can polish up his acting chops.
05/28/20 at 12:28pm

I finally finished watching this. I had it on my DVR. I had to take a break because I hate Malcolm so much. Not only is the guy who plays him not good actor, his character is so stupid for someone who is supposed to be smart. He's not the worst though. I give that honor to whoever that actress is who plays his mother. Jeez, where'd they find her? She's terrible. I agree with the person who said she'd do better on a soap opera. The overacting is strong with that one. I don't mind the rest of the cast. The only really good one though is the dad. I might tune in if they do another season. Not sure though.
05/28/20 at 12:22pm

I enjoyed this show for the most part but I have to agree with others. Tom Payne is not a good actor. He's not the worst I've ever seen but he is close. I detest the mom and sister but pretty much really like everyone else. The story line is interesting and I look forward to next season.
05/23/20 at 02:24pm

Agreed awesome show and unbelievable finale. They must bring back
05/01/20 at 01:49pm

OMG. Please bring this back for Season 2. The season 1 finale was incredible. Didn't see Ainsley doing what she did, but really started cheering as she did it!

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