Prodigal Son

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Sep 23, 2019 - Present




Drama / Crime


Malcolm - Tom PayneMartin - Michael SheenJessica - Bellamy YoungGil - Lou Diamond PhillipsDani - Aurora PerrineauJT - Frank HartsAinsley - Halston SageEdrisa - Keiko Agena

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A crime drama following a criminal psychologist who assists the police in stopping killers.

Malcolm Bright is a criminal psychologist with a special gift. He knows how the minds of killers work. This is because in the 1990s, his dad was a notorious serial killer known as "The Surgeon."

He uses his ability to help the NYPD solve crimes and stop killers, all while dealing with his manipulative mother and homicidal father who is still looking to bond with his prodigal son.

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Priscilla M
02/04/20 at 11:45am

I just started watching this show after it piled up on my DVR. It's good. I really like the serial killer guy but not sure about the one who plays Malcolm. He's not really that great of an actor and his character is annoying. I really hate the mom. The story lines are good though. I'll keep watching and see if it gets renewed.
Joe Straussberg
12/04/19 at 10:23am

So I just watched the final episode before the fall break. Definitely left me wanting more but I am getting tired of Malcolm running into danger without a thought. It's getting annoying. I see people have an issue with his acting. Yea, it's not great but he is a far cry from the overacting that is Bellamy Young. I can't stand her character! I've gotten to the point where I either fast forward through her scenes or use that as an extra bathroom break. I'd like to see more of Michael Sheen. He's the best character on there and he does the role perfectly. I'm looking forward to its return but would like to see less of mom....and the sister as well.
Frank is my name
12/03/19 at 11:05am

I think I heard it got renewed! Good news but after reading some of the other comments, I am going to begrudgingly agree on the main character and the mother. I think Payne does ok as Malcolm but he could certainly improve his acting. Bellamy Young though is a no. She is god awful and needs to go.I'm glad she's not a main character because I would stop watching if she was. The rest of the cast is great and the show is fascinating.
12/02/19 at 07:02pm

Just watched seasons last episode and heard it announced that its returning in January =)
Abigail Anders
12/02/19 at 01:37pm

I really like this show. I hope it gets renewed but they have to do something about the acting. It's really bad. The main character and the mom are the worst. The rest of the cast is pretty good and I like the story lines.
11/27/19 at 12:19pm

I'd like to see Malcolm, his mother and sister recast. I watch the show but their acting is awful and has not improved. It's not the writing either because I think the story itself is great. They are just terrible. It pains me to watch them but I continue because I like everything else about it.
11/26/19 at 12:41pm

I don't know if I can continue watching this. I liked the idea but the main character and his mom are such awful actors that it's hard. I struggle through it but keep watching because Michael Sheen is so fantastic as the serial killer. I'm really disappointed when he doesn't make an appearance. I don't know if this show will survive but I do know that even if I finish this season, I can't torture myself with another unless they recast those two.
11/24/19 at 04:51pm

I like this show but the mom character was a poor choice. I get that she is rich but it is hard to not see that she is the same age as her “children” also, the acting could be better with some of the other actors. However, I like the plot and the interesting cases.
Stacey Andersen
11/21/19 at 09:31am

I like this show but have to agree with another poster about Tom Payne. His acting is really bad. This is the first time I've ever seen him in anything that I am aware of, but he is really bringing it all down for me. I like the rest of the cast, aside from the mom character, and I find the plot really interesting. I'm hoping his acting chops improve because I might not be able to stomach another season.
11/20/19 at 00:09am

One of the best shows on TV ! Intriguing andd original. I look forward to every episode.

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