NCIS: Hawai'i

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Sep 20, 2021 - May 06, 2024




Drama / Crime




Jane - Vanessa LacheyLucy - Yasmine Al-BustamiErnie - Jason AntoonJesse - Noah MillsKate - Tori Anderson

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A spin-off of NCIS set on the shores of Hawai'i.

Special Agent Jane Tennant is the first female in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor. She and her skilled team of mainland transplants and knowledgeable locals focus on investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security, and the mysteries of the island itself.

Comments (72)

05/07/24 at 07:23pm

I am sick that you have canceled NCIS Hawaii!! Please reconsider your decision and keep it.
Margie Drew
05/07/24 at 06:39pm

Please do not cancel NCIS Hawaii. I love all the NCIS shows and this is one of the best. I was so sad to see New Orleans and LA cancelled. I hate the thought of loosing another one
Toniann Alter
05/07/24 at 04:05pm

We love this show. Strong female leads. Great rapport between cast members. Real life issues. Rethink this decision please!
05/07/24 at 02:51pm

My husband and I really enjoy ncis Hawaii. Somebody should continue. Perhaps cable channel
Mark Romeo
05/06/24 at 08:40pm

You are despicable and disgusting liberal DemonicRats for canceling NCIS Hawaii. Your network and you are all going to Hell for your despicable actions.
05/06/24 at 07:56pm

I can’t believe CBS is canceling NCIS:Hawaii! It seems like they keep canceling shows with strong female leads! What’s the deal?
Please don’t cancel!
05/06/24 at 07:51pm

So frustrating to see that NCIS Hawaii is being cancelled, just like NCIS LA & NCIS New Orleans which were all great shows! NCIS Sydney isn’t nearly as good as NCIS Hawaii. NCIS was my favorite franchise. So disappointing!!
05/06/24 at 07:50pm

I just love the way you are canceling 14 year shows… NCIS LA and now you have the nerve to cancel BLUE BLOODS!! You canceled the original Magnum ,then the remake with Hernandez ( he wasnt Selleck , but I loved him! ) praise to NBC for picking Magnum up., Now you’re going for BLUE BLOODS… ( not to mention SWAT!!) you really think Theiriot can carry Friday all by himself without Selleck and SHAMAR MOORE?!?! I am not impressed with the people at the top making these decisions. Maybe they should be CANCELED!! Don’t think I forgot NCIS HAWAII AND SO HELP ME TOD ! By the way I’m not a reality TV fan , but I watch Survivor ( only missed one episode) please try and leave it alone!! I guess you still have Tuesday, you’d better not mess with DICK (Wolf) and the FBIs!!
05/06/24 at 05:09pm

I agree with previous comments regarding NCIS-Hawaii. Why do you always cancel the good shows and leave crap like Ghosts on? I suppose these comments will do no good, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to voice my opinion.
05/06/24 at 00:28am

I love NCIS Hawaii, I can’t believe you’re canceling this show, it’s way better than Sydney. The regular NCIS is great and Hawaii. Please don’t cancel this, also Vegas csi is another great show, it’s crazy your cancelling these, never been into reality TV, Wednesday, I go to NBC and watch Chicago med, Fire, police. CBS is of course is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday Blue bloods for sure. And CBS always has great comedy too. But it’s very disappointing you guys getting rid of these great shows. Tenant and the gang are great

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