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Sep 21, 2014 - Present






Elizabeth - Téa LeoniHenry - Tim DalyNadine - Bebe NeuwirthMatt - Geoffrey ArendDaisy - Patina MillerBlake - Erich BergenAlison - Katherine HerzerJason - Evan Roe

A drama following the life of a woman who is abruptly thrust into the position of Secretary of State.

Elizabeth McCord is a former top CIA analyst who is suddenly pulled back into politics when The President asks her to be the Secretary of State.

Her new position is steps from the presidency and makes her one the most powerful people in the nation. She is also miles from what everyone expected as she brings her own unique approach to dealing with situations that require her to be tough, focused, and smart.

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04/14/17 at 04:43pm

I thought that I would hate it. I originally thought that Tea Leoni was the worst casting mistake ever. I was dead wrong. She's been wonderful. The rest of the cast is excellent. The interplay between family and her role as Secretary of State has been done really well. Good show.
02/19/17 at 06:14pm

Please do not cancell this program. It is the best
mike l
10/20/16 at 09:59pm

Is Tea Leoni Pregnent sorry for my spelling. Seems to have a small baby bump,.Love the show glad it got renewed.. MKL@ML
Christine Nicholson
08/27/16 at 06:05pm

Great show. Intelligent , acting superb. So glad it has been renewed!
04/25/16 at 01:09am

Well done, the best network drama series on now IMO. The ratings are dropping though, so season 3 may be the end. Regardless, if you like this series check out The West Wing, it was on for 7 seasons.
Wanda Millett-Wiles
04/17/16 at 06:30pm

The best show on tv hands down!!! The acting and the writing is superb.
Lorraine Sarault
04/13/16 at 09:16am

My husband and I really enjoy this show. We look at it together on Sunday nights. Thank you for renewing it.
10/01/15 at 10:03pm

I like the show even though many think it's another Hillary. I like Tea Leoni who is not only a good actress but also produces the show. It not only involves her role as Secretary of State but also her roles of mother & wife.
09/29/15 at 07:44am

Watched three episodes. Had no impression it was a Hilary platform, at least not overtly. What has turned me off is the complete left wing slant, it is so overwhelming it makes one want to hurl. Fair enough, few shows dealing with political environments ever reach a fair balance - but this one plays out more like an infomercial from a left wing PAC and less like entertainment by a staff of writers with a reasonable concept of fair play. It could have been lively and entertaining but was hijacked by the Holly-weird liberals.
Pauline A Love
08/22/15 at 01:27am

Thank goodness its coming back, I read somewhere that the Americans were cancelling the program I couldn't see why, it is great, has great characters and story lines.

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