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Sep 21, 2014 - Dec 08, 2019








Elizabeth - Téa LeoniHenry - Tim DalyNadine - Bebe NeuwirthMatt - Geoffrey ArendDaisy - Patina MillerBlake - Erich BergenAlison - Katherine HerzerJason - Evan Roe

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A drama following the life of a woman who is abruptly thrust into the position of Secretary of State.

Elizabeth McCord is a former top CIA analyst who is suddenly pulled back into politics when The President asks her to be the Secretary of State.

Her new position is steps from the presidency and makes her one the most powerful people in the nation. She is also miles from what everyone expected as she brings her own unique approach to dealing with situations that require her to be tough, focused, and smart.

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12/09/19 at 11:46pm

I hear you - the comments about the left-leaning tendencies of Madam say it got too political, well that just seems like an anachronism to me. It's about the White House and Congress...what about that is not political? I agree the Hilary thing was more than I could bear. That being said, there's the family, there's Tea Leoni, there's the "first gentleman", there's the kids, there's the White House staffers - all superb in their roles, and really I just loved the show. I think we all need a little TV politics anyway. The real stuff is too much to handle. This is actually a DIVERSION from reality and welcome on my TV. :o) That said I agree with the latest comment just below mine. I also thought the Season Finale was pretty darn good. Enjoyable. Entertaining. Touching even at times. Now....can we have Madam President, please!! And Tea Leoni and Tim Daly, I love you both!! You have been so very welcome in my home for 6 seasons now. You too, Russell / Zeljko Ivanek ! Awesome job!
12/09/19 at 01:14pm

I hope this show with its entire cast and crew will continue on as MADAM PRESIDENT !!
05/06/19 at 10:47am

Although I agree Madam Secretary definitely has been moving further and further left, I think those who criticize it should keep in mind it's only a TV show. I don't know about you but I don't form my political opinions based on what I see on TV. I love political dramas whether they are left or right leaning shouldn't matter. It's watching how the people interact and work together to reach a common goal.
04/28/19 at 05:13am

What an amazing show. I have really enjoyed this season.
04/16/19 at 10:56am

What was once a great political drama has turned into an indoctrination platform for the left, in particular the climate change movement. It’s more propaganda than entertainment.

Téa Leoni Is amazingly beautiful still
04/15/19 at 06:41pm

the liberal crap that comes from this show and shoved down your throat is getting sickening, I am really considering not watching this show
04/04/19 at 07:48am

This show should be renamed Climate Change Indoctrination 101. It ceased to be entertaining when it decided to spew leftist propaganda instead of entertaining the audience. I'm out.
03/21/19 at 05:59pm

I thought this was a really good show til the story started moving to the left politically. Let the actors do their job and keep the politicians off of the show. I want entertainment not a politician shoving their ideas down my throat.
11/24/18 at 09:47am

I watched every episode of this show and started out loving it, but then it started to get more political. I cancelled my season pass when Hillary Clinton, et al., appeared and started to lecture me. I have decided to not watch any show that tries to force a Liberal viewpoint down my throat. When Hollywood decides to stop it, then maybe I'll start watching. I turn on a sitcom or drama or movie because I want entertainment. I will continue to get my news from a news channel and newspaper and then use my own brain to form an independent opinion on an issue. I don't believe something just because Hollywood tells me that's what I must believe or I'm a bigot, a racist, or mysogynist. Maybe all the new shows this year are in the toilet for a reason.
Mary Games
03/04/18 at 10:25pm

Please do not cancel the show!!! It’s grown on me but it didn’t take much :)) I don’t get to watch it when it comes on due to work schedule but on my days off, it’s what I look forward to watching so I hope the on-demand streaming accounts for that.

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