April 8, 2022

Disney announced a big change to Dancing with the Stars today. The celebrity competition has been renewed for Seasons 31 & 32 but it won't be on ABC. Instead the show is becoming the first-ever live series to air on the Disney+ streaming service.

Once a flagship on ABC, the series remained a fairly reliable performer for the broadcast network even after 17 years on the air. While there have been some recent changes, such as bringing in new host Tyra Banks in 2020, today's move will surely impact the show more than any of its previous tweaks. Will existing fans follow it over to its new streaming home?

Disney will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on how the show performs in the next two seasons on its new platform. If successful, it could be the beginning of a larger shift towards move live programming appearing on streaming services.

Look for Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars this fall exclusively on Disney+.