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Jan 31, 1999 - Present




Peter / Stewie - Seth MacFarlaneLois - Alex BorsteinChris - Seth GreenMeg - Mila KunisCleveland - Mike Henry

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Known for its politically incorrect humor, this animated weekly sitcom follows the adventures of the Griffin family.

Family Guy focuses on the dyfunctional Griffins, consisting of Peter, his wife Lois, their three kids, and the family dog.

The comedy has become a pop culture mainstay thanks to memorable characters such as Stewie, the brilliant, sadistic, and sexually confused toddler and Brian, their talking dog who keeps baby Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting out his own life issues.

In a rare occurrence, after being canceled in 2002, outstanding DVD sales and high syndication ratings convinced Fox to order more episodes of the now cult show. The series returned in 2005 to the Fox Sunday night line-up.

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11/11/17 at 10:05pm

I just finished watching episode 5 of season 16, so I guess Seth lied.
05/30/16 at 03:56pm

this show is great f**king comedy sadly seth says seson 15 is the last . im 12 by the way. go family guy you b**tereds
just a message
11/22/14 at 06:25pm

09/13/14 at 09:19am

For you haters, this show will never go soon. It was cancelled ounce about 9 years back. Then when cartoon network had it on adult swim, family guy had such a big following there that fox picked it back up. Seth Mcfarlin keep up the good (hilarious) work. Granted there were a few shows that were mediocre, but most are funny and entertaining.
Government Agent
09/10/14 at 11:15am

Looks like we have a few hackers in here.
Private Detective
07/07/14 at 09:14am

I like balls. BIG BALLS.
06/13/14 at 03:44pm

I tried watching this show in syndication and I thought the best episodes came from its first three seasons and it was not very good after it was brought back from cancellation with the exception of their parodies of the original "Star Wars" trilogy (episodes 4-6). To me, "Family Guy" is like a second-rate, inferior "Simpsons" imitator. Peter and Lois Griffin are basically rip-offs of Homer and Marge Simpson. I have no idea why this show is still on the air as it should have been cancelled again years ago.
05/22/14 at 09:09am

Yes, very "mature" to post such vulgarity. Come back when you're ready to grow up.
Private detective's mom
03/31/14 at 09:50am

I only did that once. Because my stupid son sold my bus pass. We are all on welfare now, everybody makes fun of my son now because he thought this hot girl liked him but then she saw his 2 inch Dickie bird. He's also upset that everybody said he's a bigger loser than meg.
Peter Griffin
11/06/13 at 09:52pm

Private Detective's mom sucks cox for a quarter.

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