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Drama / Horror


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A horror-drama anthology series.

Each installment of this anthology series takes place in a different location, featuring different characters affected by psychological and physical horrors.

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12/01/22 at 06:19pm

I used to really enjoy this show, but the past two seasons have been bad, with the NYC being the worst.
11/20/22 at 06:25pm

I disagree about this season. While it doesn't have the gore and overall supernatural hauntings of past seasons, I find the storyline both emotional and historical. The supernatural I think comes in the constant presence of death in the hulking form. But I applaud them for taking on the trauma and unnecessary treatment of AIDS patients in the 80's. Using the deer storyline to depict the unknown of the disease at that time was clever. I thought the characters were well established and heartbreaking. It did go a different way around as a supernatural series, but I so hated The Red Tide/Alien storylines and found them so desperate, that I felt this one better written.
Juicy Lucy
11/17/22 at 04:30pm

I am with Brigitte - this is by far the worst season yet. It is missing all supernatural elements and feels more like a crime drama. The only thing that has kept me watching is hoping it will take a darker turn.
11/17/22 at 08:42am

Not a huge fan of the new season (NYC).
They need to go back to the seasons like the haunted house, hotel, freak show, coven. Those were classics!!
Brigitte B
11/12/21 at 02:30pm

By far one of the best seasons is cape fear. Love it. Love Culkin
09/30/21 at 10:13am

well, having begrudgingly watched every season (don't care for the political theme)- the Red Tide is finally back to the horror they were known for. Death Valley just started-I love aliens so looking forward to what they do with this topic.
Regina Phalange
09/21/19 at 03:11am

Great job AHS!!! Im hooked already. Never missed an episode but this is the best season yet!!! Hoping more like this in the future!!
12/03/18 at 07:01am

Too many rich, opinionated liberals on this show. Used to watch it until they decided to open their mouths and insult half the country. Won’t ever watch it again. Cult ruined the whole thing and it wasn’t great to begin with.
11/16/18 at 11:31am

I'm sorry, but this season has been (by far) the worst AHS ever! It was more comical than horror. The only reason I kept watching was due to the witches (mostly Emma Roberts)! Everything else was too far fetched and over the top stupid...especially the Stevie Nicks scene (and I love Stevie Nicks). Come on can do better!
Jacqui Q
10/15/18 at 03:09pm

This season so far is way better than the last few. I think a lot of that has to do with Cody Fern. He is fantastic as Michael Langdon! I love the scenes between him and Kathy Bates. I wasn't too excited for the return of Emma Roberts though. Not a big fan of hers and I really didn't care for the Stevie Nicks scene. It seemed far too long and although I understood the point of it, it was cringy. Other than that, I feel like we got AHS back after having a few disappointing seasons.

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