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Apr 05, 2012 - Apr 19, 2018








Olivia - Kerry WashingtonStephen - Henry Ian CusickHarrison - Columbus ShortAbby - Darby StanchfieldQuinn - Katie LowesHuck - Guillermo DiazCyrus - Jeff PerryFitzgerald - Tony Goldwyn

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A political drama following a PR crisis manager who protects the public image of the nation's elite.

Olivia Pope is a PR crisis manager who has left her job as communications director for the President of the United States in order to open her own firm.

She and her crack team of staff make top dollar to cover up their high-profile clients' dirty little secrets.

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08/06/17 at 05:15pm

05/17/17 at 03:05am

This show is so full of garbage. This is the type of show ABC renews and cancels anything wholesome. This show glorifies sex, violence and corruption. Nothing clever or fresh. Shows what type of audience they are trying to attract. They think we are all brain dead.
Pauline Kawczynski
05/14/17 at 11:18am

This show is so over! A head in a box. Every character is a murderer! A plot about pardons! Where can this go. I'm done.
Rejean-Paul Martin
04/13/17 at 08:00pm

Episode 100 : Boring to the bone. One hour lost in my life viewing all the "IFs". Next week, Kennedy divorce Jackie and marries Marylin. Two weeks from now, Roosevelt choose Afghanistan to drop the atomic bombs instead of Japan erasing form the surface of the earth all the newborns who would become ISIS leaders, and so on...
04/13/17 at 06:22pm

This show is getting really old. Tonights epsisode (3/13) is really a stretch. Time to put this one to bed for good.
03/21/17 at 04:26pm

Boring same crap in every episode.
01/31/17 at 10:58am

Stopped watching the night she beat the guy to death with the chair. Washinton and politics is crooked. Don't need a reminder.
Sharon Clore
03/31/16 at 06:32pm

Politics all day long and now same old on this show. Time to end this series.
12/21/15 at 02:58pm

very repetitive i'm starting to think they should end it
12/05/15 at 03:26am

Three months between episodes???

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