Madam Secretary

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Sep 21, 2014 - Dec 08, 2019








Elizabeth - Téa LeoniHenry - Tim DalyNadine - Bebe NeuwirthMatt - Geoffrey ArendDaisy - Patina MillerBlake - Erich BergenAlison - Katherine HerzerJason - Evan Roe

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A drama following the life of a woman who is abruptly thrust into the position of Secretary of State.

Elizabeth McCord is a former top CIA analyst who is suddenly pulled back into politics when The President asks her to be the Secretary of State.

Her new position is steps from the presidency and makes her one the most powerful people in the nation. She is also miles from what everyone expected as she brings her own unique approach to dealing with situations that require her to be tough, focused, and smart.

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09/29/15 at 07:44am

Watched three episodes. Had no impression it was a Hilary platform, at least not overtly. What has turned me off is the complete left wing slant, it is so overwhelming it makes one want to hurl. Fair enough, few shows dealing with political environments ever reach a fair balance - but this one plays out more like an infomercial from a left wing PAC and less like entertainment by a staff of writers with a reasonable concept of fair play. It could have been lively and entertaining but was hijacked by the Holly-weird liberals.
Pauline A Love
08/22/15 at 01:27am

Thank goodness its coming back, I read somewhere that the Americans were cancelling the program I couldn't see why, it is great, has great characters and story lines.
07/17/15 at 00:06am

Great show. Glad to see it has been renewed.
ron davis
05/23/15 at 07:03pm

The absolute best show on TV...extremely well written. Keeps you very engaged and uses some current events loosely.Some of the best actors on TV...hope the execs don't cancel this one
Lynn flint
03/17/15 at 03:20pm

It makes you look stupid when you give an opinion on a show if you have never watched it . This is not about Hilary , it's about government with a fascinating story line that's relevant to today's issues . Tea Leoni is perfectly cast as is rest of cast . Bottom line it's a great show!
Joanne Rodgers
02/23/15 at 10:53am

"Madame Secretary" is well written and the acting is superior. I do like that there are always smaller stories intertwined with the main story line. I can't wait for the new shows to start in March.
Mike Ellis
02/21/15 at 06:22pm

If this show has been renewed I sure can't tell it! I have not seen an episode of it aired here in Omaha since early January!
It has been preempted over and over, airs on a bad time slot for this. This show has an ongoing plot line about the death of her predecessor and I don't know how viewers are supposed to hold up their interest if it just is aired every so often.
02/08/15 at 09:16am

What happened to this show? Hasn't been on for weeks but this website says it's been renewed. Do they just need time to shoot add'l episodes? Hate to think it won't be back on the air as I really enjoy it. Been waiting for a political series to come back on since West Wing.
As for that romance between Daisy and Matt it's sweet. Don't think it detracts from the main story's a cute back story.
To Tèè.....OK, that's enough weight loss. You're fading away
Mike K.
02/05/15 at 01:39pm

I really enjoy the show!!
01/08/15 at 10:35pm

Great show ruined by the ridiculous Daisy/Matt romance and the horrible eldest daughter Stevie. Your mum worked for the CIA, what do you think she did in the Middle East? You stupid moron being all judgmental and moving out because she was in Iraq
not Jordan getting a terrorist.

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