The Librarians

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Dec 07, 2014 - Feb 07, 2018




Drama / Action




Eve - Rebecca RomijnJake - Christian KaneCassandra - Lindy BoothEzekiel - John KimJenkins - John Larroquette

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A drama that expands the universe of the movie franchise "The Librarian".

This adventure drama tells the story of an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library. Its members dedicate their lives to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. This involves solving impossible mysteries, fighting supernatural threats, and recovering powerful artifacts.

Comments (36)

01/24/15 at 10:48am

I loved the show so much they should rewnew it for 2nd season with great cast
01/18/15 at 04:11pm

This show is terrific. Yes it can be a little contrived at times, but it's still a fun show that gets a person thinking about legends and such. It's a great "what if" show and helps to fill the very large void left by Warehouse 13.
Ingo Lembcke, Hamburg
01/18/15 at 12:22pm

Too many actors I know from other shows, watch it because it will be cancelled after S1.
Noah Wyle fits in the 3 prequel films, but in this show (and all others) I do not like him.
Writing got a bit better, but it seems like they are just pulling ideas out of thin air or copying them they like, but as always they will surprise me and make a second season (the second season of Once upon a time was so bad I gave up on the show). Not too sure it will be worth watching. Hoped for something to buy and keep, but will not, and will forget it soon after E10.
01/15/15 at 07:05pm

Enough already with comparisons of one show to another... When you think about it, how long has it been since TV came up with a truly original show? Go back 50 years or so and you'll find the fore-runner of pretty much everything that's on now.
01/12/15 at 01:14pm

First threads of Warehouse 13 are appropriated, now "And the Fables of Doom" get cheeky and hit up "Once Upon a Time" ... Some people may not care for it, it's like music groups "Sampling" others melodies, guitar riffs and whatever else sounds good. So far it's working because of the unique spin applied by the writers. Tread lightly folks, ORIGINALITY reigns supreme, you can take that to el banking, mi amigos.
My opinion ...
12/29/14 at 08:13am

The show really needs Noah Wyle in it all the time and without Judson and Charlene it has lost something.
12/23/14 at 07:06pm

I loved the Librarian movies and own all of them. But this show is painfully boring. They should have just made another movie.It was never meant to be warehouse 13. Yeah, they have similar themes but I don't think one could replace the other.
12/22/14 at 03:52am

it seems to me that there is no one who can pull this show - the cast seems like a galarie of sidekicks -> noah wyle is missing...
12/21/14 at 08:45am

its ok so far, a little lame
12/21/14 at 05:37am

If you have watched the "Librarian" series of movies you would know that this show is a pretty good TV representation of the movies. We loved the movies, even if tongue in cheek, and love the show as well. It's nice to have a drama-comedy to watch that is lighthearted but has great topics! Hope they keep it for us that like a variety in our TV shows!

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