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Nov 30, 2015 - Mar 25, 2021








Amy - America FerreraJonah - Ben FeldmanGlenn - Mark McKinneyDina - Lauren AshGarrett - Colton DunnCheyenne - Nichole BloomMateo - Nico Santos

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A comedy following the employees of a big-box store.

Amy and Jonah are two employees that are part of a unique family of workers at a super-sized mega store. Such a huge workplace has all kinds of staff - from bright-eyed newbies to long-term veterans, and clueless summer hires to lifers in management. Together they face the day-to-day grind of stress-inducing sales, insane bargain hunters, and snooze-worthy training sessions.

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Andrew Jackson
12/09/21 at 08:25am

Loved this show! I was nervous about watching the end but these comments have made my day!
03/26/21 at 08:07pm

Great series finale!!! Glad to see everyone come together for each other again like the beginning.
03/26/21 at 12:27pm

Sad this show ended, but it was one of the best Series Finales I have ever seen !! So glad Amy and Jonah got married !!
03/25/21 at 10:50pm

Sad it's over :(
But it was a really great final episode. Glad Amy came back!
03/25/21 at 09:12pm

Great show. Excellent cast. Hope to see them again.
07/11/20 at 07:56pm

Great show and fantastic cast! Couldn't ask for a funnier show than this one. Keeps you ready for the next every week.
02/02/19 at 04:36am

I LOVE this show. Very funny. The whole cast is FANTASTIC. I was going to put in names here but they are ALL so GREAT that I didn’t want to leave anyone out on accident. Excellent writing and the comic timing is perfect. Especially Colton Dunn as Garrett.
11/05/18 at 02:27pm

Quit watching in season one when the politics entered the scripts. I want escapism not CNN trying to be funnier.
d wood
04/25/17 at 07:44am

keep it coming :)
04/03/17 at 07:58pm

Keep this show on the air. It's the closest thing to "reality" on tv. I worked in retail off and mostly on my whole life and this show gets it!! The characters are real and goofy customer moments that happen between the plotlines are true to life (i.e.: cart wars, leaving stuff out of refrigerator cabinets, etc.) Forget Anthony C's comments, no one cares who goes where to which bathroom as long as they're discreet and close the door. Parents, just keep kids from taking store merchandise into the bathroom and flushing it down the toilet!! My former big box bookstore employer lost more than $30.00 in an hour, thanks to unaccompanied child flusher.

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