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Nov 30, 2015 - Mar 25, 2021








Amy - America FerreraJonah - Ben FeldmanGlenn - Mark McKinneyDina - Lauren AshGarrett - Colton DunnCheyenne - Nichole BloomMateo - Nico Santos

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A comedy following the employees of a big-box store.

Amy and Jonah are two employees that are part of a unique family of workers at a super-sized mega store. Such a huge workplace has all kinds of staff - from bright-eyed newbies to long-term veterans, and clueless summer hires to lifers in management. Together they face the day-to-day grind of stress-inducing sales, insane bargain hunters, and snooze-worthy training sessions.

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Anthony C
09/30/16 at 03:26am

Loved the show until S2 episode 1. "If you disagree with transgender bathrooms then you are a bigot", the show tells me. From "Yes, if only more of us were around more diverse, cool people, we would abandon our crazy ideas about science and biology. Thanks, Superstore, for abandoning comedy to educate us “bigots.”" I agree Mr Erik Soderstrom... Superstore subscription deleted.
03/04/16 at 04:00pm

i really like this show. its simple, endearing, funny, relatable, always gives me a chuckle and a smile. i recommend it to people looking for clean humor with feel good moments. adorable.
02/22/16 at 05:37pm

I really like this show. I worked in retail and from the "secret shopper" to unionizing the humor here is spot on. I guess I can laugh about it now because I'm out of that world... Thank God. Hope it gets renewed. My wife even watches it and her sense of humor usually avoids shows like this.
01/15/16 at 06:03pm

Being someone that works for a box store this show is great. It's got so much of what goes on in one of these stores so much. So hope it sticks around for more seasons.
12/30/15 at 07:06pm

Very funny show. It made my husband and I laugh out loud. We just watched 3 episodes in a row. The characters are relatable and funny.
12/02/15 at 08:52am

I saw the two-episode preview from earlier this week and I really liked it. If you consider that "The Office", which was also based on a British series, was highly successful, then I believe "Superstore" will do well on the air.
the doctor
11/30/15 at 07:04pm

copy-cat of the British series Trollied. Hollywood, stop trying to be the brits
true because they never will be.
11/18/15 at 06:51pm

Well with this being a NBC show and the story line. It doesn't give me much hope it will last past the first season if that long.
11/10/15 at 09:12pm

copy-cat of the British series Trollied. Hollywood, stop trying to be the brits

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