The Good Doctor

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Sep 25, 2017 - May 21, 2024




Drama / Medical




Shaun - Freddie HighmoreClaire - Antonia ThomasNeal - Nicholas GonzalezJared - Chuku ModuSarah - Irene KengJessica - Beau GarrettMarcus - Hill HarperAaron - Richard Schiff

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A medical drama following an autistic doctor who relocates to a new hospital.

Dr. Shaun Murphy is a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome who leaves his quiet, country life behind to join the surgical unit at a renowned hospital in San Jose, California.

Alone in his new surroundings and not able to form a personal connection with his peers, Dr. Murphy puts his extraordinary medical gifts to use in order to save lives and challenge his skeptical colleagues.

Comments (41)

Trumpet Guy
09/27/21 at 08:16am

Used to love this show

Stopped watching it
03/30/21 at 10:40am

Love this show, they are so good together even if they don`t agree. please give Dr. Brown, a friends.
Bill M
02/17/21 at 03:12pm

Another show gone terrible with White hating wokeness. Pulled it off of my watchlist.
01/18/21 at 07:46pm

Worst group of first years I’ve ever seen. All four new characters are terrible. I like this show, but with new characters like this boring foursome, this show’s life just got shortened.
10/08/20 at 09:24am

this show is phenomenal I love it so much it deserves to stick around for a while
07/23/20 at 04:28pm

Freddie Highmore is a genius no debate about that
This is the best medical drama ever aired on TV hands down
09/25/19 at 05:10am

Glad to see this show back. Love the first episode but didn't realize I'd need tissues! Looking forward to the entire season.
01/13/19 at 05:38pm

Great doctor show. Love the actor. He does such a good job.
Please renew
11/26/18 at 10:38pm

Freddie Highmore is great! Fiona Gubelmann is so unbelievable as a doctor. So cringe--worthy watching her try to act dramatically. She should stick to comedy.
John Michael Donadio, Pastor
10/26/18 at 10:51am

What a Fantastic Program. I can't state enough Positive comments about the Cast, the Exciting Materials that it covers, and it's Entertainment Factor A++. Finally Quality TV again that I so look forward to each and every week. We are ALL Disabled & Gifted in one respect or another, and I think this is why Everyone can relate to it. We All NEED to be Lifted UP. Thank-you ABC for your positive contribution to helping All of us relate, find Comfort, and FEEL SO.... Good Inside. A Special Education Teacher for 33 Years. Please keep up the Great Work ABC! Pastor John

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