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Sep 24, 2018 - Jun 02, 2023








Michaela - Melissa RoxburghBen - Josh DallasGrace - Athena KarkanisJared - J.R. RamirezSaanvi - Parveen KaurOlive - Luna Blaise

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A drama following the return of passengers from a flight that disappeared five years ago.

When the passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely on the ground after experiencing a turbulent flight, everyone was relieved. But unbeknownst to all aboard, the world seemingly aged five years during the course of their short flight.

With the returned passengers back home, they now face a new reality with a second chance. But a deeper mystery starts to unfold as some of the returned passengers realize they could be meant for something greater.

Comments (61)

06/13/21 at 10:45am

Three seasons and NO conclusion? Yeh, I’m done….deleted from DVR.
06/12/21 at 02:41pm

Needs cancelled. The acting is awful (why are they always out so of breath?) and the storyline is beyond ridiculous at this point. And did they get some sort of bonus for every time they used the word “lifeboat” this season? It seems like a lot of shows anymore have a really good premise for one season, not thinking about how they’ll keep it going if they actually get a second season. Then they get renewed and have no idea what to do next.. I think that’s what happened here.
Bernard Larsen
06/10/21 at 11:24pm

Like most shows, this one has it's ups and downs. Ive seen so many shows hit a bit of a low spot, and then heard all kinds of people say "it's no good any more. I'm done watching it." and then the storyline picks up again and it gets really good. But overall, this show is a good watch... and season 3 got much better towards the season finale, so here's hoping for a season four.
06/10/21 at 02:20pm

Don't like it, don't watch it. Still, I am sick of programs based on a single mystery. They either get canceled without an answer or turn into an utter failure like LOST. I agree with the idea of a complete one-off limited series, or filming both the pilot and concluding episode at the same time.
06/07/21 at 05:19pm

This NEEDS to end now!
Manifest or Callings??
06/03/21 at 08:18pm

This show has derailed completely. It is now "Callings" and
"More Callings". The show name should be "Callings". The show started out very interesting but went downhill in 2nd season and then completely derailed in the 3rd. They need to wrap this up soon while they still have an audience. Oh and I started out liking Michaela but her likeability has really declined. I now find her annoying.
05/25/21 at 08:07am

That’s enough. Should have been a limited series. Not an ongoing mess.
doesn't matter
05/23/21 at 03:16pm

I hope all you quitters are happy next fall when this show gets replaced with the next dumb reality show.
05/20/21 at 11:05pm

Drags on and on, worst acting on television.
04/22/21 at 10:14am

Started watching the third season and I am so unbelievably bored. This story is dragging and I just don’t have the patience for it anymore. I also dislike Michaela and Zeke as a couple. There’s zero chemistry and it just comes off as forces and weird. No big deal I guess as I took it off my dvr because of the boredom factor. Just done.

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