The Conners

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Oct 16, 2018 - Present






Dan - John GoodmanJackie - Laurie MetcalfDarlene - Sara GilbertBecky - Lecy GoransonD.J. - Michael Fishman

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A spin-off of hit comedy Roseanne following the daily lives of the titular family.

When a sudden turn of events alters their lives forever, the Conner family is forced to continue living their daily working-class lives in Lanford in a completely new way.

Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky, and D.J. tackle everything from parenthood and financial pressure to dating and unexpected pregnancy. But through all the ups and downs, they always have each other.

Comments (27)

Just Someone
09/10/23 at 12:46pm

@Bluzulu Please tell us how you really feel. LOL LOL
03/02/22 at 11:28pm

Please cancel this liberal trash. I would give this show a zero rating if you had it
sunshine girl
10/06/21 at 10:05am

Maybe if they added a zombie to it ...

Or a third Becky ...

or if the actor who plays DJ would do a spiniff called The Young Lugosi...

SOMETHING, to get my attention.
12/06/20 at 03:54am

I had never watched this show and it came up on my TV & I thought...okay, enough time has passed with what they had done to Roseanne. So...let me check it out & see how it is without her.

Good G-d Almighty! This show is an atrocity. It is an insufferable pile of crap. I mean I've seen some bad shows, but this is just vile.
The daughter of Darlene is an untalented, nasty little you know what. Allegedly in real life as well.
And what is up with these people's appearance? THEY LOOK AWFUL!
EVERYONE on that show looks sick. Especially John Goodman.
I will NOT be watching this garbage heap again. I literally feel like I need to take a shower after watching this.
Gregg Kortepeter
10/26/20 at 11:32pm

How is the show still on the air it can't possibly have anybody that enjoys it. I wish they would cancel it already and put on some better programming
10/20/20 at 08:17am

Pee-ew. So many great shows have been cancelled and we have this garbage.
Gregg Kortepeter
11/06/19 at 11:55am

Quite possibly the worst show on TV. I don't even watch it and I know it sucks. Looking forward to its cancellation. Hopefully they'll put something good in their time slot
09/24/19 at 01:18pm

I will be surprised by the upcoming cancellation of "The Connors"
06/14/19 at 04:23pm

@dawn: John Goodman could do a 22-minute monologue and it would get ratings. The supporting cast are just more layers on the cake. TV is a business, with production and liability insurance requirements, and moral standards and "appearances" required of a DisneyABC vehicle. RB would contribute negatively to all of that, making the show non-viable with her in it.
05/27/19 at 10:22pm

SHAME SHAME SHAME on them for killing Rosanne off. They're going to be sorry when the only thing that will save them is having her back with the family.

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