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Oct 16, 2018 - Present








Dan - John GoodmanJackie - Laurie MetcalfDarlene - Sara GilbertBecky - Lecy GoransonD.J. - Michael Fishman

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A spin-off of hit comedy Roseanne following the daily lives of the titular family.

When a sudden turn of events alters their lives forever, the Conner family is forced to continue living their daily working-class lives in Lanford in a completely new way.

Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky, and D.J. tackle everything from parenthood and financial pressure to dating and unexpected pregnancy. But through all the ups and downs, they always have each other.

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06/14/19 at 04:23pm

@dawn: John Goodman could do a 22-minute monologue and it would get ratings. The supporting cast are just more layers on the cake. TV is a business, with production and liability insurance requirements, and moral standards and "appearances" required of a DisneyABC vehicle. RB would contribute negatively to all of that, making the show non-viable with her in it.
05/27/19 at 10:22pm

SHAME SHAME SHAME on them for killing Rosanne off. They're going to be sorry when the only thing that will save them is having her back with the family.
05/18/19 at 01:56pm

There’s only one reason that the show would be renewed, it is to prove that they didn’t need Roseanne. But they are so wrong this show is absolutely awful.
01/15/19 at 11:18am

This is actually better than I expected. I used to watch the original Roseanne and although it was pretty good, I really started to dislike the Rosie character by the end as did a lot of people. All she did was complain and came off as genuinely unpleasant. Even with that said, I didn't think this show would succeed without her but it turns out I was wrong. Funny and entertaining, I have found that I don't really miss her character at all. It does help that John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are still part of the cast. They are still by far my favorite! Hope it gets renewed.
12/28/18 at 01:25pm

Too bad for ABC the “Rosanne” show comeback was good, “the Connors is NOT.” ABC should apologize to their viewers and Rosanne. Did they get something from Roseanne for canceling the show may be the rights to and reruns of the “Roseanne Show”? Is this about money? It seems they fired her for having a big mouth and speaking inappropriately. If you fired everyone in Hollywood for inappropriate speech or behavior, would there be anyone left? Yes, she should know better, but she apologized this seems like ABC had another purpose? Bottom line the Roseanne show rocked and the Connors show is a flop.
12/01/18 at 10:02am

This show has been cancelled. Honestly, They should have toned down the politics from the start but with Roseanne on the show, there was a balance. Once she was gone, it became too one-sided.
10/28/18 at 11:11am

I never viewed the Roseanne show solely for Roseanne Barr's presence. I viewed the show on the story line and the interaction of characters. Whatta concept? Right? I know!
10/25/18 at 06:24am

I am rooting for this show to fail. I loved Roseanne when it was on before, and I thought the reboot was just as good. It is sad ABC kicked her off her own show due to one dumb comment. Darlene and Becky are boring characters and cannot carry the show without Roseanne; the show will never make it.
10/23/18 at 11:08pm

Tried 2 episodes. Not worth it without Roseanne. It's like 2 1/2 Men without Charlie Sheen. It doesn't work.
10/16/18 at 01:18pm

I'll pass. Too many other good shows in this time slot to watch.
I always "DVR'd" this one in the past, but why bother. Darlene's character is boring, Becky's character is annoying and they need to vamp up Jackie's roll to make this one work.

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