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Oct 01, 2018 - Present






Calvin - Cedric the EntertainerDave - Max GreenfieldGemma - Beth BehrsMalcolm - Sheaun McKinneyTina - Tichina ArnoldMarty - Marcel SpearsGrover - Hank Greenspan

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A comedy following an L.A. neighborhood caught off-guard by its new residents from the Midwest.

Dave Johnson is just about the friendliest guy you could expect to meet. After moving his family from the Midwest to a tough Los Angeles neighborhood, it turns out not all of its residents appreciate his neighborly ways.

His new neighbor Calvin, in particular, is caught off-guard and worries that the Johnsons will disrupt the culture on the block.

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Just Someone
09/03/18 at 05:07pm

New version of that show about the Aliens who move into the suburbs. What's it called? Oh yea... The Neighbors.
Couldn't the writers come up with a more original name? LOL

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