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Calvin - Cedric the EntertainerDave - Max GreenfieldGemma - Beth BehrsMalcolm - Sheaun McKinneyTina - Tichina ArnoldMarty - Marcel SpearsGrover - Hank Greenspan

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A comedy following an L.A. neighborhood caught off-guard by its new residents from the Midwest.

Dave Johnson is just about the friendliest guy you could expect to meet. After moving his family from the Midwest to a tough Los Angeles neighborhood, it turns out not all of its residents appreciate his neighborly ways.

His new neighbor Calvin, in particular, is caught off-guard and worries that the Johnsons will disrupt the culture on the block.

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05/10/22 at 05:28am

To push the agenda using children in last night's episode was horrifying. Can no longer watch.
Pissed off
11/23/20 at 06:40pm

Totally fucking blm bullshit..all politically modivated. Cancel this shit now!
11/18/20 at 12:11pm

... and they ruin it in season 3.

The great thing about the first two seasons of this show was how NON-political they were. They showed some cultural differences between back/white but none of it was politicized or really made about race to any great degree. This made the show enjoyable as a SITCOM. You know.. comedy.

But they've ruined this with the season 3 premier which was nothing BUT political and about race.

It's just moronic when television producers or stars think they need to "educate" the public on a sitcom. And it's even more telling when the sitcom contains a great many characters of color.. there's always a "moral" a "lesson" which I find more of a drag than anything. You really don't see these "morals" or "lessons" on sitcoms with a primarily white cast.

I'm not a fan of tuning in to be "preached" to, even if you are preaching a more favorable view in my opinion --- Basically I detest being told what I SHOULD think.. even if I already think it. I turn on my television, or tune to a channel for a show, to be entertained. Throwing entertainment out the window in favor of trying to "teach a moral lesson" to viewers is always a mistake. I'd watch this show for a decade if it remained entertaining and non-political as the first two seasons. But if the season 3 premier is any indicator of what season 3 will become.. I'll drop this show faster than anything - and they'll need to rename it to "Neighborhood-ish".

How about using a sitcom to ENTERTAIN rather than preach???
09/06/20 at 12:18pm

I may have erred in my 1st post. I've been watching the show, I like it, let's see how much longer it'll go. Good luck !!!
10/26/19 at 01:21pm

It is funny, but it won't last. I like the show but a whole bunch of other folks don't. Too many people out there are easily offended.
09/25/19 at 05:15am

Love this show! First episode was great and looking forward to the rest of the season. :)
Me, Myself and I
10/27/18 at 07:05pm

Could you imagine if it was a white person referring to black people as meat?! Its ok to be racist towards white, but damn if you say anything about blacks.
sharon clore
10/01/18 at 06:03pm

Maybe. Will watch one more time. For me Monday night on CBS gets a 0.
10/01/18 at 05:29pm

I honestly don’t think it’ll last. Comedy with racist undertones works in small doses for me and unfortunately that’s all this is. I laughed not once... it’s a shame too because I love Cedric the entertainer.
09/05/18 at 09:50am

Looks good, but if they keep the series at labeling people as black, it won't last, please keep real life stuff out of this show. That's what killed Superior Donuts.

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