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Sep 23, 2019 - May 06, 2024








Bob - Billy GardellAbishola - Folake OlowofoyekuDottie - Christine EbersoleDouglas - Matt JonesChristina - Maribeth MonroeGloria - Vernee WatsonOlu - Shola AdewusiTunde - Barry Shabaka HenleyDele - Travis Wolfe Jr.

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A comedy following a man who falls for his Nigerian nurse.

Bob is a middle-aged man from Detroit who runs his family's compression sock business. When a heart attack lands him in the hospital, Bob unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse Abishola, a Nigerian immigrant.

Bob is determined to find a way into Abishola's heart despite their obvious differences in their backgrounds and her lack of interest.

Comments (17)

05/16/24 at 03:16pm

CBS you people need your head examined. You could have cancelled some others shows and kept this one.
05/15/24 at 04:00pm

Bob should have kicked Abishola’s mother out on her opinionated backside.
04/24/24 at 04:43pm

Wish this wasn't ending. Bob needs to be a stronger character though. He gets run over ALL the time by Abishola. A bit more balance would work better. But it's still a good, family show!
03/14/23 at 09:44pm

I agree with Warbler. We loved this show, but this season has become tedious and mean spirited. It seems every episode has someone turning on someone. And for goodness sake, it's 2023.....lose the laugh track!!!
12/03/22 at 10:40am

I still watch this show, but growing tired of some of the characters. Not liking the story line that Abishola's mom has moved into Bob's house and is so bossy and thinks her shit don't stink. And Bob's mom is such an opinionated twat. Do they portray real Nigerian culture?
05/14/21 at 06:47pm

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️This show. Funny, real and well written. Great cast
01/26/20 at 08:35am

Great show and funny. They must have a diverse group of writers this appears to be authentic to me. I’m glad I took a chance to watch it. I figured bad idea, but it is actually good. I hope it gets renewed along the show Evil.
01/03/20 at 11:51am

I like this show.....the cast is great and funny and fresh. Hope it just gets better as it goes, but please lower the laugh track. Have more faith that we can make our own laughter and don't have to be prompted by a loud laugh track. Hope it gets renewed.
11/19/19 at 08:52am

Worst title for the best show! We love it and watch it as a family.
11/18/19 at 07:41pm

I enjoy this's cute. It's not stupid/idiotic funny like most comedies that pander to the cuurent trends. I hope it stays for a 2nd season & gets a chance to develop.

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