July 28, 2018

AMC announced today that Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for a fifth season. The early pickup comes in the midst of Season 4, which is due to return for the second-half of its run on August 12.

The zombie drama, which began as a companion series to The Walking Dead, has continued to be a solid performer for the cable network. While its current viewership numbers aren't what they were in its earlier days, more overall viewers have been tuning into its fourth-season compared to the same point in Season 3.

The series underwent some significant changes for Season 4, staring with bringing in a new showrunner duo who have changed its overall tone and storytelling style. Gone are most of the original cast, with many newcomers now taking the lead. The first crossover with The Walking Dead has also taken place, with Morgan joining as a series regular.

Look for Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead in 2019.