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Sep 23, 2013 - Present




Drama / Crime


Red - James SpaderElizabeth - Megan BooneDonald - Diego KlattenhoffHarold - Harry LennixTom - Ryan Eggold

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A drama following an agent-turned-fugitive who offers to help the FBI catch top criminals.

Ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives for decades, thanks to his skillful brokering of shady deals for top criminals around the world.

Red has mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an offer to the agency. He will help them catch a previously-thought dead terrorist under the condition that he speaks only to a certain FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen. As a twisting series of events unfolds in the race to stop a terrorist, they wonder what Red's true intentions are and exactly why he has chosen Elizabeth to deal with.

It is revealed that Red has actually compiled has a long list over the years that is known as a "blacklist" of politicians, spies, mobsters, and terrorists. And Red is willing to help catch them all, as long as he continues to work with Elizabeth as his partner.

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01/03/19 at 11:16am

Red is not Red. Stupid. I'm done.
Private Detective
05/17/18 at 11:21am

I meant what I said when I enjoyed much of the wisdom and insight that the character Reddington portrayed. But after seeing the season finale (or is it SERIES finale'?), this has to end right here, right now.
05/17/18 at 04:05am

What the hell??? That season finale killed the entire show for me. The Plopster is out.
05/10/18 at 06:14pm

There are rumours that the 5th season is the final. Any truth to this?
Michael JB
02/27/18 at 08:17pm

Liz is turning toward the dark side. Ressler is recognizing there are blurred lines between good and evil. Samar and Aram are happy. Strangely she is seeming to be more by the book now than when she arrived. Aram is just rolling with it, and Harold, the boss, has come to terms with breaking rules too. This show has the potential to go anywhere. Reddington is now a billionaire after the heist at the Denver Mint. I'm enjoying every step of this show as long as the plots make sense. The electric prosthetic eye with an LED light was stupid. Shouldn't it also have contained a tracker? Otherwise what did it do? So why didn't the bad guy locate it quickly and take out Liz? I hope this show goes on for years and takes us to the point where Reddington takes over the world like a S.P.E.C.T.R.E. villain from James Bond movies.
01/28/18 at 06:02pm

Unfortunately, this series is going downhill. It seems as if the same writers who mangled the spinoff now seem to have wrangled control of this show too. The plots (most recently the one starring Nathan Lane) are preposterous, even for this show. Why make a farfetched and completely ridiculous plot line when with just a little creativity, they could have made it realistic and believable? Each episode still has a running storyline with some interesting aspects (which is why I'm still watching) but too many are now actually making me groan in disappointment at how weak they have become.
12/07/17 at 05:47am

Weird choice "killing" off Tom. I put it in quotes because maybe he isn't really dead. I really don't get it either way. Either they killed off one of the better characters who had an unresolved storyline or they are doing their third or fourth faked death in the last couple years. That would be overkill unless they keep him off the show for at least 3 years to give people time to forget they have already over-done the fake death angle. Perhaps this is punishment for his failed spinoff? Dunno but no matter what the move is here, the Plopster doesn't think it's a good one.
Jeff Greene
12/01/17 at 09:56am

So disappointed they killed off TOM (Ryan Eggold) in last episode...He and his secret life were the most interesting aspect of this show. The FBI agents Navi, Ressler, are good. ELIZABETH is a big zero, she doesn't look or act like an FBI agent, but rather a lost soul always pouting. If you notice, the crimes are always solved by the OTHER FBI agents and RED, and she does nothing but complain about people not being fully honest with her, etc. They should have killed off Elizabeth and replaced her with a female FBI agent who looks and acts the part and who would have a romance with TOM. James Spader is terrific. Need to REBOOT this show.
Private Detective
10/07/17 at 12:20pm

The episode "Grayson Blaise (No. 37)". Is it me, or was this oddly familiar (in both plot and the TV music soundtrack) compared to 1999's "The Thomas Crown Affair"? Red stole a painting, just as Brosnan's character did in "Thomas Crown". There was no attempt to duplicate the movie for sure, but everything about it struck me as kind of wild. I enjoyed it.
Derwin C Thompson
05/23/17 at 00:13am

I love this show,the different characters are all excellent. I anxiously await the next season.

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