The Blacklist

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Sep 23, 2013 - Jul 13, 2023




Drama / Crime




Red - James SpaderElizabeth - Megan BooneDonald - Diego KlattenhoffHarold - Harry LennixTom - Ryan Eggold

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A drama following an agent-turned-fugitive who offers to help the FBI catch top criminals.

Ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives for decades, thanks to his skillful brokering of shady deals for top criminals around the world.

Red has mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an offer to the agency. He will help them catch a previously-thought dead terrorist under the condition that he speaks only to a certain FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen. As a twisting series of events unfolds in the race to stop a terrorist, they wonder what Red's true intentions are and exactly why he has chosen Elizabeth to deal with.

It is revealed that Red has actually compiled has a long list over the years that is known as a "blacklist" of politicians, spies, mobsters, and terrorists. And Red is willing to help catch them all, as long as he continues to work with Elizabeth as his partner.

Comments (83)

08/20/23 at 12:06pm

load of let down for RED
07/15/23 at 11:36pm

As with most long-running shows, they go downhill. And after years of strangeness, this last season topped it all. And the ending was the worst of all!!!! Granted they were trying to be artsy, but they really missed the mark. Sad to see what was a decent enough show (even with some improbable story lines) go out with such a bomb!
07/15/23 at 08:12pm

Well that was disappointing! No spoilers, but seriously? Last couple of seasons were meh, but this season, especially as the divestiture happened, I thought there would be a better ending.
07/14/23 at 01:14pm

SNW ..... I so agree !! I'm going to pretend in my mind that Red is still alive and living happily ever after in Spain !!
07/14/23 at 07:54am

The ending SUCKED! I loved this show and the conclusion was horrible!
11/22/21 at 09:38am

The show was going downhill, now it's in a freefall. Dembe was great where he was. Now they expect us to believe a former member of an international criminal organization has been hired as an FBI agent. This is like that crappy fan fiction people write. I'm done with it.
11/16/21 at 01:32pm

Agnes is 11 years old after a 2 year time-jump??? How is that possible?
10/22/21 at 10:00am

The Blacklist is back since last evening (Thursday 21 October). We'll see how this season goes.
06/19/21 at 05:11pm

A two-part Season finale? That'a new one.
06/19/21 at 09:04am

If it turns out Reddington is Elizabeth's mother - then the show jumped the shark.

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