The Expanse

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Dec 14, 2015 - Jan 14, 2022


Drama / Sci-fi




Josephus - Thomas JaneJim - Steven StraitNaomi - Dominique TipperAlex - Cas AnvarAmos - Wes ChathamChrisjen - Shohreh AghdashlooFred - Chad ColemanJuliette - Florence Faivre

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A futuristic drama following a ship's crew who unravel a conspiracy that threatens humanity.

Two hundred years in the future, mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain and crew work together in a race across the solar system to expose a conspiracy that threatens the survival of humanity.

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07/08/22 at 09:30am

Why is this show listed as on-air when it was canceled/concluded months ago?
Great show. I read the books first and that usually spoils any adaptation but they did a great job. Any changes from the source material really worked.
Steve S.
12/10/21 at 00:28am

I thought this was done already since the end was announced over a year ago. Anyway, did Amazon do a better job with it than SyFy did? I thought it was good (I watched it on syfy) but a little overrated by many on SyFy.
03/22/21 at 01:50pm

The new season is great . sadly we only get one more season in 22. but such is life. One of the best sci fi shows every made imo.
Texas Transplant
03/31/20 at 09:08pm

Glad Amazon has picked this up. THIS SHOW is the main reason that i got a Fire Stick.

Great story line, excellent acting, phenomenal special effects, but unlike a lot of other sci-fi shows, the story line is first, special effects only add to the story.

Since I am stuck at home I am going to "binge-watch" for 2-4 episodes at a time over the next three days. Great way to spend the time.
Mrs Darr
01/13/20 at 07:57am

I love this show, it's one of the best Syfy shows ever made, more realistic than any other out there, hope Amazon keeps this show on air, just finish season 4 can't wait for season 5 and all the storyline possiblites! Please don't cancel this show!
01/05/20 at 12:31pm

from France: very good serie with a few ideas, even for a scientist!
happy new year 2020 for the expanse!
Boaty McBoatFace
12/13/19 at 02:16pm

Hells yeah, if this show doesn't get the wind in your sails nothing will. #Epstiendidntkillhimself
09/04/18 at 06:45pm

Wow, so glad to hear this about Amazon! While I haven't been able to get my wife interested in the show to the point that we... She will watch it within the few days after airing it counts as a vote for the show, we do ultimately watch it! Just finished the two episode finale only to discover our lack of timely viewing allowed me... Us to fall out of the loop to vote for Amazon to pick it up. Here's another vote of thanks to Amazon & hiss boo for SciFy. I look forward to next season, the ending left us with endless opportunities for expansion. Thanks to all who contributed to the continued success of The Expanse!
Penny For Your Thoughts
05/24/18 at 09:50am

So rumor has it Amazon is in talks to pick up the show. Even though nothing is definite yet, this is a good sign! I hope there is an official announcement soon.
05/22/18 at 10:22am

so excited that Amazon decided to pick up The Expanse for another season. Said that the wait for the next season is predicted to be a year or longer.

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