The Expanse

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Dec 14, 2015 - Jan 14, 2022


Drama / Sci-fi




Josephus - Thomas JaneJim - Steven StraitNaomi - Dominique TipperAlex - Cas AnvarAmos - Wes ChathamChrisjen - Shohreh AghdashlooFred - Chad ColemanJuliette - Florence Faivre

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A futuristic drama following a ship's crew who unravel a conspiracy that threatens humanity.

Two hundred years in the future, mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain and crew work together in a race across the solar system to expose a conspiracy that threatens the survival of humanity.

Comments (37)

05/21/18 at 05:03pm

god help me if I ever watch another syfy show. I will finish 12 monkeys and probably killjoys but that is it .I wish syfy would cancel it's own network. it looks too late for dark matter, but maybe the expanse can find a new home.
05/20/18 at 01:50pm

Gobsmacked but not surprising syfy and abc two networks that have lost my faith. Time to read the books. As posted hope another network or Netflix picks this up
05/14/18 at 06:42am

Too bad! disappointed in the programming @SyFy lately. I guess,that a lot viewers feel the same way. Gone,are the original and movies that made this network standout. In, are in-house reality, and re-runs of Futurerama. The Expanse, and two other shows, that are in off-season now, are the only reason, why I watch. Guess when this ends, the only time Syfy, will be on my dial, or streamed, is when, my fall shows are back. Shame.
05/14/18 at 06:05am

What's this network even doing these days?
I'd never thought that "The Expanse" would get cancelled so quickly.
05/13/18 at 01:00pm

SERIOUSLY!!!! WTF is wrong with Syfy cancelling this show!!! Its like someone pulling you off your wife just when you're about to climax.
05/12/18 at 01:14pm

I didn't watch the first season because Syfy cancels so many shows I enjoy.. decided to catch up & really got into the show & it's cancelled.. great story line so disappointing!!
05/12/18 at 09:54am

Unbelievable! SyFy does it again: cancels one of their BEST science fiction/fact dramas in favor of crap like Wynonna Earp. I hope the producers The Expanse take the show to Netflix; it would be a major step up from SyFy.
05/12/18 at 09:18am

I didn't want to believe it but I think the original network execs at SyFy were replaced by clones from the Hallmark channel. It's the only explanation of how a science fiction network can kill all of its finest science fiction shows: Firefly, Alphas, Dark Matter and now The Expanse. All exceptional shows that were killed before their time. Shame on SyFy.
05/12/18 at 07:39am

SyFy is about to lose my support. Again and again, they cancel shows I love.
Ryan Montgomery
05/11/18 at 00:12am


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