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The Expanse

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Dec 14, 2015 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Josephus - Thomas JaneJim - Steven StraitNaomi - Dominique TipperAlex - Cas AnvarAmos - Wes ChathamChrisjen - Shohreh AghdashlooFred - Chad ColemanJuliette - Florence Faivre

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A futuristic drama following a ship's crew who unravel a conspiracy that threatens humanity.

Two hundred years in the future, mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain and crew work together in a race across the solar system to expose a conspiracy that threatens the survival of humanity.

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05/14/18 at 06:42am

Too bad! disappointed in the programming @SyFy lately. I guess,that a lot viewers feel the same way. Gone,are the original and movies that made this network standout. In, are in-house reality, and re-runs of Futurerama. The Expanse, and two other shows, that are in off-season now, are the only reason, why I watch. Guess when this ends, the only time Syfy, will be on my dial, or streamed, is when, my fall shows are back. Shame.
05/14/18 at 06:05am

What's this network even doing these days?
I'd never thought that "The Expanse" would get cancelled so quickly.
05/13/18 at 01:00pm

SERIOUSLY!!!! WTF is wrong with Syfy cancelling this show!!! Its like someone pulling you off your wife just when you're about to climax.
05/12/18 at 01:14pm

I didn't watch the first season because Syfy cancels so many shows I enjoy.. decided to catch up & really got into the show & it's cancelled.. great story line so disappointing!!
05/12/18 at 09:54am

Unbelievable! SyFy does it again: cancels one of their BEST science fiction/fact dramas in favor of crap like Wynonna Earp. I hope the producers The Expanse take the show to Netflix; it would be a major step up from SyFy.
05/12/18 at 09:18am

I didn't want to believe it but I think the original network execs at SyFy were replaced by clones from the Hallmark channel. It's the only explanation of how a science fiction network can kill all of its finest science fiction shows: Firefly, Alphas, Dark Matter and now The Expanse. All exceptional shows that were killed before their time. Shame on SyFy.
05/12/18 at 07:39am

SyFy is about to lose my support. Again and again, they cancel shows I love.
Ryan Montgomery
05/11/18 at 00:12am

03/03/18 at 11:23am

Gave this show's first season a miss, due to ScyFy's (sciffies) reputation for poor programming - but having watch eight eps from S1, I can say I'me very and pleasantly surprised.

Good acting, good plot, good effects and good dialog. The best of Bab5, Serenity, with a touch of Blade Runner.

Well done.
09/24/17 at 02:34am

Quite possibly the best show since Firefly. Very well done.

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