The Expanse

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Dec 14, 2015 - Jan 14, 2022


Drama / Sci-fi




Josephus - Thomas JaneJim - Steven StraitNaomi - Dominique TipperAlex - Cas AnvarAmos - Wes ChathamChrisjen - Shohreh AghdashlooFred - Chad ColemanJuliette - Florence Faivre

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A futuristic drama following a ship's crew who unravel a conspiracy that threatens humanity.

Two hundred years in the future, mankind has colonized the solar system. A hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain and crew work together in a race across the solar system to expose a conspiracy that threatens the survival of humanity.

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03/03/18 at 11:23am

Gave this show's first season a miss, due to ScyFy's (sciffies) reputation for poor programming - but having watch eight eps from S1, I can say I'me very and pleasantly surprised.

Good acting, good plot, good effects and good dialog. The best of Bab5, Serenity, with a touch of Blade Runner.

Well done.
09/24/17 at 02:34am

Quite possibly the best show since Firefly. Very well done.
04/20/17 at 03:18pm

Mike Dobey, this is season 2.
mike dobey
03/17/17 at 06:07pm

Wow. it is only on season one and it's green lit for a third season? It's a fantastic show by any standard. Tight scrips, well thought out stories based on good books. The effects are top notch and the acting is great. Wonderful news.
02/09/17 at 01:41am

One of the best shows I've seen. Yes, it's not for everybody, but it sure is for some of us. Great cas, great writers, great CGI... <slow clap>
Hanks Glove
09/22/16 at 11:35pm

Best scifi since BSG. Tom Jane is fantastic like always, the rest of the cast is tearing it up as well, especially my boy Elias Tofexis aka Adam Jensen of Deus Ex .
06/25/16 at 10:04pm

This show feels like a high budget blockbuster, and it's very believable. All the spaceship stuff looks amazing, especially the battles. I love the dark and mysterious atmosphere they've created. Very unique.
The acting is pretty good too.
06/09/16 at 00:15am

More Sci-fi Yay - I love it - keep it coming
04/14/16 at 09:56pm

Best Sci-Fi series on! I gave Killjoys a chance, yawn..
03/09/16 at 09:07pm

This is a well written, well casted, well photographed show. We really haven't seen a good series like this since BSG and Caprica. Dark Matter and Killjoys are good, but this is an order of magnitude better. Characters we like but who aren't thoroughly good or bad, but like a lot of the best written fiction, they are human.

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