DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Jan 21, 2016 - Present


The CW


Drama / Action


Prof. Stein - Victor GarberRay - Brandon RouthSara - Caity LotzRip - Arthur DarvillMick - Dominic PurcellLeonard - Wentworth MillerKendra - Ciara RenéeCarter - Falk HentschelJax - Franz DramehVandal - Casper Crump

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An action adventure series featuring superheroes from the DC Comics universe.

This spin-off of Arrow and The Flash features characters from both series, including Firestorm, White Canary, The Atom, Heat Wave, and Captain Cold. They are brought together by a roguish time traveler named Rip Hunter, who has traveled from the future back to present day in order to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world.

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10/19/17 at 08:43am

I would never say this show is great but it was a guilty pleasure for me. That is until this season. Not sure what's off about it. Perhaps it's the changing of the guards or maybe it's the continual goofiness of it. Whatever it is, I find myself incredibly bored. I fast forward through scenes that I find cringe worthy, forget I'm watching, or just plain turn it off. I can't watch anything with Ray in it because they've made his character even more cartoony than he was before. Maybe 2 seasons was enough.......
10/11/17 at 05:52pm

Arthur Duvill looks a right gaylord in a suit with the new haircut and a time what's it name or of organisation what is this the DOA for legends of Tomorrow ? Oh please no ....stop pinching ideas ffs
05/17/17 at 05:29am

I have to admit season 2 kicked ass , looking forward to season 3 , wonder if we will have a another crossover event , that was a good idea ...
its coming along ... Nice cliffhanger again !! Now hurry up and get it on tv ...
04/28/17 at 06:12am

I really wasn't too crazy about the show when it first came out. But since the second season began I'm getting into it a lot more. I like the way the characters have evolved and now that Sara's in charge I don't see a need to keep rip around.
04/23/17 at 10:21pm

I love this show!!! I really like Wentworth Miller. But mainly Dominic Purcell. Hope they keep this show on I love seeing them every week!!
02/13/17 at 10:01am

I watch this show mostly out of habit now. I find myself not as interested or invested as I used to be. I also tend to fast forward through some parts because I am getting bored with the storyline or I get tired of hearing Sara talk. I'm not loving the current story with Rip and the douchey duo of Merlyn and Darhk either. Not sure how much longer I'll even bother.
Scott T
12/06/16 at 11:24am

I get that Darvill had to leave to film Broadchurch (great show btw), but his absence is felt. I really don't have the drive to watch it without him. He's a huge part of the show for me. He says he will be coming back, but I don't know if my interest will hold until then.
11/30/16 at 07:31am

I loved this show at first but it's losing its steam for me. I find myself missing episodes and not caring. Not sure how much longer I will be tuning in.
11/24/16 at 06:55pm

I agree Rip taken out bad mistake , are we going to see what happened??
stop topping it up and renew the next season ....its a great romp of a series !!
michael dobey
11/12/16 at 09:07am

This show has gotten better as it went along. However the atom needs his suit back. And not having Rip Hunter on it is a mistake. Rip had his own series of comics once. I think this is the weakest of the cw super shows. But it is still fun. Supergirl just keeps getting better though!!.

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