DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Jan 21, 2016 - Mar 02, 2022


The CW


Drama / Action




Prof. Stein - Victor GarberRay - Brandon RouthSara - Caity LotzRip - Arthur DarvillMick - Dominic PurcellLeonard - Wentworth MillerKendra - Ciara RenéeCarter - Falk HentschelJax - Franz DramehVandal - Casper Crump

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An action adventure series featuring superheroes from the DC Comics universe.

This spin-off of Arrow and The Flash features characters from both series, including Firestorm, White Canary, The Atom, Heat Wave, and Captain Cold. They are brought together by a roguish time traveler named Rip Hunter, who has traveled from the future back to present day in order to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world.

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Scott T
12/06/16 at 11:24am

I get that Darvill had to leave to film Broadchurch (great show btw), but his absence is felt. I really don't have the drive to watch it without him. He's a huge part of the show for me. He says he will be coming back, but I don't know if my interest will hold until then.
11/30/16 at 07:31am

I loved this show at first but it's losing its steam for me. I find myself missing episodes and not caring. Not sure how much longer I will be tuning in.
11/24/16 at 06:55pm

I agree Rip taken out bad mistake , are we going to see what happened??
stop topping it up and renew the next season ....its a great romp of a series !!
michael dobey
11/12/16 at 09:07am

This show has gotten better as it went along. However the atom needs his suit back. And not having Rip Hunter on it is a mistake. Rip had his own series of comics once. I think this is the weakest of the cw super shows. But it is still fun. Supergirl just keeps getting better though!!.
10/25/16 at 03:09pm

Show has promise, but plagued by subpar writing, directing acting could be better (especially with some of the cast members).
Why do they have to bicker all the freaking time, which significantly reduced their team operational effectiveness? Why can't they team up? Why can't Atom hide on any of the team members and be the surprise backup? Why can't the other team members subdues subdue Savage and let Kendra finish him off???
Seriously, the writing is in serious need of work if the acting and possibly directing has any chance of being better and the story more plausible.
Matt Z
05/01/16 at 02:35pm

I love movies and tv shows that are spin offs from comics...and since I liked the tv show The Flash so much, I thought for sure I would love this show also...what a waste! After multiple episodes, and them jumping forward and backwards in time so often I dont know which way is up anymore...I'm bored. It lacks excitement, anticipation, and edge of your seat action. No thanks...one less show for me to keep up on. I'm done.
David Wood
02/17/16 at 07:11pm

Naaah. After a few episodes of free-for-all, crash and bang, smash your dang face, mayhem and melee, I had enough.
02/10/16 at 08:59am

"Legends of Tomorrow" AKA "The Useless 8" ... with this kind of acting/directing/CGI DC will die again. save us .
02/04/16 at 07:31am

The "white canary" , and both hawk"people" can be binned IMO.. they add nothing to the cast, i never like the original black canary actress anyway, i don't think she can act, and the Hawk"poeple" i am just not a fan off, id rather they brought in Malcom in place of these three.
Cap Cold/Heatwave, the Firestorm duo and Rip i can live with, i like the actors and way they gel works really well.
01/28/16 at 05:15pm

Like it or not, the comic books (a.k.a Graphic Novels) have become a big segment of what we're being offered. Looked at the first episode and said "OK." Seems like a good series to have fir watching with the kids (Didn't see an inordinate amount of T&A or graphic depictions of sexuality) just lots of action. If nothing else, consider this - the ratings demographic is not AGE; rather it is IQ...

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