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Jan 26, 2017 - Aug 23, 2023


The CW






Archie - K.J. ApaJughead - Cole SprouseBetty - Lili ReinhartVeronica - Camila MendesCheryl - Madalaine PetschJosie - Ashleigh MurrayAlice - Madchen AmickFred - Luke Perry

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A drama based on characters from Archie Comics.

Set in present day, this drama follows Archie and other iconic Archie Comics characters in their sophomore year of high school while dealing with the aftermath following the death of the high school golden boy.

Comments (34)

07/15/23 at 07:26pm

Riverdale the musical??? So, they go back in time after finding they were going to be destroyed and now a musical? This show started out great, but now it sucks. It may end soon, but as for me it has ended.
@ Hue
06/04/22 at 07:27am

ENDING with season 7..Canceled is entirely different
05/19/22 at 05:54am

Canceled with Season 7
12/28/21 at 06:37am

There was a time jump. They're not in high school anymore. They're like 23/24 yrs old
11/16/21 at 10:07am

There are so many murders in this Town / High School they should have run out of Students by now.
11/16/21 at 10:04am

High School kids running Speakeasy's, Brothels, Drug Cartels, not to mention running local Domestic Terror groups ... all while going to High School, LOL. /Facepalm another DC Comics fail.
08/09/19 at 11:24pm

I love this show I'm so obsessed I watch it over and over again I love the actor cold Sprouse he's so hot I call him my husband and also hiram needs to die also Penelope and Hermine I hate them all love the show I hope it never stops and that Jughead does not die and if he does I will cry all the time when u watch it I just want to day that I love the show
07/28/19 at 06:11am

I for one love Riverdale. They want to make the show thriller, happy and, fun. They never once said they wanted it to be believable. If you are one of the hate comments here's something for you I'd like to see you do it. They are trying to do there best to please everyone.
I watch it the night an episode comes out. I watch it with my family and it makes feel grateful that we don't have a bad life.
06/15/19 at 03:05pm

My daughter and I watch this together. I saved this season on DVR for when she came home from college. What can I say except, come on. This season has gone so far off of reality it's a joke. I feel my brain cells dying more with each episode. The producers, writers and whomever else is involved in the creation of the joke this show has become should be embarrassed.
01/14/19 at 09:59am

Hiram has done it for me. I'm not sure I'm going to continue watching. Yes Riverdale is unbelievable and can be hard to watch at times, but for the most part, I still enjoyed it. Hiram's continued "I'm going to ruin you" story line is just too much though and unless they plan to kill off his character, I just don't have the interest anymore.

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