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Jan 26, 2017 - Aug 23, 2023


The CW






Archie - K.J. ApaJughead - Cole SprouseBetty - Lili ReinhartVeronica - Camila MendesCheryl - Madalaine PetschJosie - Ashleigh MurrayAlice - Madchen AmickFred - Luke Perry

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A drama based on characters from Archie Comics.

Set in present day, this drama follows Archie and other iconic Archie Comics characters in their sophomore year of high school while dealing with the aftermath following the death of the high school golden boy.

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Jacqui Q
10/15/18 at 03:00pm

Yea, I agree that Riverdale is pretty unbelievable but it's still entertaining. However, I would love it if they could get rid of that actress who plays the former snake charmer or current ghoulie...whatever her role is now. I can't remember her character name and I know she has had very little screen time, but every moment she does appear, I cringe. She's terrible and I have a feeling there will be more of her in the future based on the season premiere. I'd rather she just disappear.
Serpent Lady
10/12/18 at 12:01pm

Ok. I'm a huge Riverdale fan but this season premiere was ridiculous. The show is getting harder to watch. I'm actually embarrassed for the actors. Nothing about it was even remotely believable. Yea, I know. It's a show but come on!
What's This All About
10/11/18 at 03:23pm

Cringy. That's all I can say at this point.
09/16/18 at 01:25pm

I'm so excited for season 3 can't wait to see more bughead and if we get to see jellybean and Jugheads mom
Penny For Your Thoughts
05/17/18 at 12:50pm

Ok. I lied. I kept watching. Yes, it's still completely unbelievable and stupid but for some reason I can't stop watching. Part of that might have to do with Skeet Ulrich (oo-la-la) but I also need to see Hiram go the F away. Seriously. He needs to go. Like, now.
04/30/18 at 11:42am

This show has gotten really stupid.
04/30/18 at 09:22am

Still a Great Show.Keep em Coming...
Penny For Your Thoughts
03/30/18 at 10:42am

This season is ridiculous! What happened to our characters?? I detest Archie and Veronica, think Jughead and Betty are a bit too Twilight for my taste and cannot fathom why anyone would want Alice and F.P. together since we still haven't met Jugheads mom. Then there is Chick. Ugh! Last season was at least interesting but this season I can't stop eye rolling. I mean, really? A group of high school kids going up against the mob? It went from being a decent show to being the stupidest thing on television. I'm out.
02/06/18 at 10:34am

I enjoyed last season but the second season has just jumped the rails for me. I know it's just a show, but the lack of believability has just left me shaking my head. It's so absurd! I'm still tuning in because I really want to see who the black hood is (if we ever get back to that because I just know it wasn't the janitor), but I'm not as invested as I was before.
12/14/17 at 10:24am

This show gets better and better. 2nd season is very entertaining.Finally a show with good writers! Looking forward to many more seasons.

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