Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Sep 20, 1999 - Present




Drama / Crime


Stabler - Christopher MeloniBenson - Mariska HargitayMunch - Richard BelzerTutuola - Ice-THuang - B.D. WongWarner - Tamara TunieCragen - Dann Florek

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A police procedural about the Special Victims Unit of the 16th Precinct of the New York Police Department.

A spin-off of the original Law & Order series, the Special Victims Unit is an elite squad of detectives who investigate sexually based offenses.

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Pam Lincoln
05/20/22 at 12:52pm

I am hoping that Olivia and Barba get together those 2 would make an outstanding couple
Private Detective
03/13/21 at 01:24pm

I can't wait for the premier of Stabler in the crossover event, "SVU/Organzied Crime" on Thursday 01 April 2021!! Stabler vs organized crime....kicking ass, taking names!
09/14/20 at 11:16pm

SEASON 21 YOOOOOOO !!!!! Love me some SVU!!! There's a NEW L&O coming in 2021 with ELIOT STABLER !!! "Organized Crime". CANNOT WAIT!! His murder in Handmaid's Tale was BRUTAL! but he was hot as ever! <3
02/05/15 at 12:11pm

SVU has just been renewed for season 17!
03/02/14 at 03:08pm

AWESOME Show the best out of all the Law and Orders
02/18/14 at 06:21pm

LOVE THIS SHOW. It's so entertaining and interesting
12/22/13 at 07:41am

Why SVU is my favorite of all the Law & Order series, I have to say the people editing this site and updating are not on top of it like the show :)) The list of Cast truly needs to be updated (you think)? Stabler gone all season, Munch retired to another unit, and oh wait most importantly for the two new members who are not listed who add greatly to the show I add!! and yes please renew for another 15 seasons! Gees if a dang show called "Simpsons" can go on for eternity- then I quality show SVU should have the same renewal!!!
09/05/12 at 03:24am

Don't ever leave us Ice-T. I miss you Stabler.

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