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Jul 05, 2000 - Present






Host - Julie Chen Moonves

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A reality show where contestants live together in one house and are filmed 24/7 as they compete to win the $500,000 grand prize.

In Big Brother, a group of strangers, known as House Guests, are sequestered in the "Big Brother" house. Within these walls they are isolated from the outside world, but also constantly under surveillance by a house full of cameras.

The House Guests are all competing for the chance to win a $500,000 grand prize by avoiding weekly eviction, until the last House Guest remains at the end of the season.

Comments (18)

06/28/20 at 04:24pm

Cancel already. Fake wannabes.
06/27/19 at 05:47pm

Best reality show ever
Big Sister
06/25/19 at 08:39am

Question: Who watches this mindless show?

Answer: Empty minded couch potatoes!
06/08/19 at 03:18pm

Who watches this mindless drivel?
09/03/18 at 06:30pm

I have been watching big brother since it started. I follow every episode!
06/07/17 at 02:16pm

In addition to my previous note, I would rather watch a revival of "Press Your Luck" then "Big Brother". It's better to see someone get Whammied than evicted.
03/21/17 at 03:27pm

I laugh at you people who likes this show, ITS FAKE.
09/06/16 at 12:03pm

This is one of CBS's many downfalls, keeping this garbage on tv along with survivor. People can't stand the Kardashian's but these shows are no different.
07/14/16 at 01:09pm

Why is this show still on the air? C'mon CBS, bring on "Celebrity 'Price is Right'" and "Celebrity 'Let's Make A Deal'".
07/01/16 at 06:05pm

I'm so excited that Big Brother is back on the air. If there could be one change.... remove Julie and put Jeff on in her place. Reality at it's finest. Wish the turn around was like Survivor.

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