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Jan 26, 2017 - Aug 23, 2023


The CW






Archie - K.J. ApaJughead - Cole SprouseBetty - Lili ReinhartVeronica - Camila MendesCheryl - Madalaine PetschJosie - Ashleigh MurrayAlice - Madchen AmickFred - Luke Perry

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A drama based on characters from Archie Comics.

Set in present day, this drama follows Archie and other iconic Archie Comics characters in their sophomore year of high school while dealing with the aftermath following the death of the high school golden boy.

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10/27/17 at 03:02pm

Loving it so far but I gotta say, where's my Skeet?!? I mean I know FP is in jail, but lets find a way to give that luscious man some camera time, ok?
08/31/17 at 12:32pm

I "binged" watched this on Netflix and was automatically hooked.
Can't wait until next season.
08/15/17 at 10:45am

Skeet Ulrich. That is all...... :)
christine a bradtke
07/30/17 at 05:59pm

Omg. Binge watched. Huge fan. Lets keep it going
02/10/17 at 06:43am

@ Amara Jug-head is more of a journalist then a Hacker..That being said,3 episodes in and it keeps me interested.Looking forward to next weeks episode..
02/09/17 at 03:43pm

I am glad they went the way they went with this show.I don't think I would have gotten interested in it as much if it were like the comics which was A Dorky jug-head and a cocky Archie and a conceited man stealing veronica and a little good girl Betty vs what the show gives us now A Loner type computer hacker jug-head and a heart throb red head with a dirty little secret and a reinvented not so witchy veronica and a good girl Betty with a bit of a dark side.Definitely keeping me tuned in on Thursdays nights,that's for sure.
02/07/17 at 12:34pm

Surprisingly not as bad as I expected it to be. Is it the best show on TV? No, but it is far from the worst. I wasn't a huge Archie comic fan but I actually enjoyed the first 2 episodes and am glad they went darker.
02/03/17 at 04:33pm

What: From your response I must not have been clear. I thought ONLY those over "a certain age" would have a clue who Archie and Co. are. Clearly I was wrong as I was told shortly after I posted that that they still sell the Archie comics in the grocery store so they are obviously still available and popular enough with today's youth. I remember the comics from my youth and still have a few as I fall in the older age group - and yes, I watch a lot of CW shows.
I did check out the show last week. I'm not sure if it says more about my brain which watches way to much TV or Riverdale, but ep 2 aired last night, and I hardly remember ep1! Yes, I know, my brain is the problem. :) I must have been tired because I do remember thinking it stood a chance. I'll watch ep 2 and re- evaluate...
Not too bad
02/03/17 at 06:47am

Really liking the mystery.Glad I gave it a chance.Lets just see how far they can go with it.So far so good.
01/29/17 at 11:18am

@ Suzanne CW doesn't only get the teenagers watching it.I know lots and lots of middle age even grandparents who watch the CW.My friends grandmother knows who Archie is and my mom was even a little curious about this show because she grew up on Archie.We still have some old school Archie comics in our bookshelf.So I'm sure the "audience" will be just fine.

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