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Jul 05, 2000 - Present






Host - Julie Chen Moonves

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A reality show where strangers live together in one house and are filmed 24/7 as they compete to win a grand prize.

In Big Brother, a group of strangers, known as House Guests, are sequestered in the "Big Brother" house. Within these walls they are isolated from the outside world, but also constantly under surveillance by a house full of cameras.

The House Guests are all competing for the chance to win a $500,000 grand prize by avoiding weekly eviction, until the last House Guest remains at the end of the season.

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12/04/13 at 03:01am

I know the hostess is married to the CBS Network President, so it will probably mean the show won't be cancelled for a while. However, the executives could still consider forgoing continuation of this show and bulk up Survivor if it must satisfy it's obsession for reality television offerings while bringing back a cancelled sitcom in place of this one. Rules Of Engagement would be a great choice considering the fact that it ended with a birth in the plot mix. Cannot understand why a show's writers would conclude the series on such a joyous high note. A birth offers so much fictional plot line potential that would be more positive than this show's reality negativity as described by other comments left in this forum thread.
09/20/13 at 08:38pm

Well the 2013 BB was possibly the worst yet.
Racist remarks, one couple having sex everywhere in the house & leaving their used condoms around the house.
And the winner claims to be a educator who talked behind everyones back, was very dishonest,and reminded me of a tattle tale from school.
I hope he looses his job. I wouldn't let this creep teach my dog to sit.
07/15/12 at 11:49pm

lol @ luluteach. Preach it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Brother and have watched it since the very first one. This year we are even considering the Live Feed if they have it again. I don't care for most reality shows. But this one is fun, it's lively, it's about a competition and it always amazes me how even the best laid plans, once inside the house, things still go wrong wrong wrong. Psychologically and Sociologically this show is enlightening and proves that no matter how things change, much of it still stays the same.
06/11/12 at 07:44pm

Get over it barb. You do not like--do not watch it. This is a great study of what people do to survive even in a minimally uncomfortable environment. It is like high school cliques all over--amazing how some rise to the level of leader--others over lead and are gone. They dont show people taking a dump or a shower--OBVIOUSLY you have not watched this show--so how can u be a OBJECTIVE voice to evaluate it. Let your hubby watch the show--go to bed or read a book.
05/22/12 at 10:33am

This show SHOULD NOT even be on TV!! IT'S raunchy, nasty, dirty, disgusting, etc. People SHOULD NOT BE WATCHED 24/7. You have to have some privacy sometime. What about using the bathroom, taking a bath/shower, shaving legs, Mr.monthly visitor, taking medicines, getting/changing for bed every night, daily rituals, etc. I would consider those things PRIVATE!!
I would NOT want to be watched 24/7 of every day. My "husband" said he'd be glad to be on "BIG BROTHER" to be watched, which I considered him "conceited and vain". That's not me. "Survivor" is about as bad as "Big BROTHER". Please cancel both shows. My husband is "SO OBSESSED WITH BOTH SHOWS" IT'S Pathetic!!

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